First Aid Supplies & Kits for General Industry & Agriculture

First Aid Supplies & Services

First Aid Supplies & Service farmingdale ny

At Safety-N-Compliance Services Inc., we are your source for First Aid Supplies. We carry a wide variety of OSHA compliant First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Stations, Blood Borne Pathogen Kits and New York State Department of Health CPR Kits.

First Aid Supplies & Services farmingdale ny

CPR Kits, First Aid Kits & More

First Aid Supplies & Kits

The Supplies You Can Count on in case of an Emergency

Are you prepared for an accident?
Here's some things you can do to be ready:
  • Make easy changes like installing First Aid Kits, CPR Kits, and Bloodborne Pathogen Kits, and keeping them properly accessible and stocked. Kits and replenishment supplies don't cost a lot!

  • Put policies in place detailing how injuries & illnesses are handled, including time off, when to call emergency responders, how to use equipment, etc…Put one person in charge of as the company go-to when an incident occurs.

  • Be prepared to handle any type of injury or illness at your facility!

  • Your ability to offer a Quick, Friendly, and Correct response will reduce the likelihood of a complaint to OSHA or an OSHA inspection as a result of a workplace injury report.

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