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Wound Seal Rapid Response Burn Dressing is designed to treats large wounds located on the arms, legs or hands. This first aid burn dressing reduced exposure to germs aiding in the prevention of infection.

  • Stops bleeding immediately

  • One-time appication that comes in an easy-to-use-bottle

  • Sterile, Medical Grade - Used by military, athletes and doctors

  • Waterproof: No

Wound Seal Rapid Response


    Restaurants. Bars, Theaters, Health Clubs, Fitness Centers and similar businesses.


    New York State law requires the availability of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) masks and gloves to protect rescuers. The NYS Department of Health developed regulations in response to this law. These regulations require the operators of certain public places (Restaurants, Bars/Night Clubs and Fitness Centers) to have CPR equipment available in an accessible area to ensure that patrons and/or staff can access it for use and bring it to the victim within 3 minutes of onset of an incident.

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