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COVID-19 & How to get your essential business ready to reopen

Health Safety Plans, Equipment & Protocols

Numerous essential businesses across the U.S. have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in hot spot areas such as upstate New York and Long Island. At some point, mandatory restrictions and shut downs will ease, allowing businesses to reopen and life get back to normal. Before getting the green light to reopen, every business should be preparing now and have a plan in place to ensure all pandemic and safety protocols are properly in place.

Make a Plan to Reopen up to safety protocols

Get PPE, Supplies & Equipment

Reopen & Stay Open Safely


with effective cleaning procedures and up to all OSHA or CDC Standards

Safety-N-Compliance, Inc.  is here to help new york businesses re-open after the COVID-19 Pandemic with proper planning and effective safety protocols.

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We can help prepare your business get ready to open with COVID-19 plans

Proper PPE Selection - Pandemic Planning - Safe COVID-19 Sanitizing & Disinfecting

When it comes to your New York business, no one takes it more serious than Safety-N-Compliance Inc. of Long Island. Every businesses requirements, guidelines to reopening, staying operational are different, contact us today for help!

We offer Covid-19 Reopening services for:

* Manufacturing, Food, Mechanical, Electronics’ Etc.

* Retail stores


* Food Establishments, Restaurants, Bars’, café’s

* Service industry/ Business

*Transportation industry/ business



Essential, Critical business’s we can help keep you operation and staff safe, healthy and productive.


Getting ready to reopen your business will involve changes to the workspace from sanitizing & disinfecting requirements to the continuing of social distancing, proper PPE selection & other restrictions. These are things your business needs to be prepared for and ready to implement. We know how important it is to make sure your CDC or OSHA Health Safety compliant and are here to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

What we can do to help your business reopen in New York, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens and Long Island

  • PPE, proper selection, sourcing

  • Staff social distancing

  • Legal Requirements

  • Pandemic business planning, guidance to open, stay operational ! Essential / Critical businesses too.
  • Sanitizing/disinfecting , chemicals, procedures

  • Proper covid-19 signage

  • Staff education on covid-19 safety and health.

Your source for keep your busines operating, opening safe and heathly during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis! Call to today at (516) 690-SAFE (7233) or by email!

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