First Aid Supplies & Kits for Hudson Valley General Industry & Agriculture

First Aid Supplies & Services Hudson Valley

First Aid Supplies & Kits for the Hudson Valley

For over 20 years, Safety-N-Compliance Services Inc. has been supplying the Hudson Valley with quality First Aid Supplies & First Aid Replenishment. Carrying We carry a variety of First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Stations, Blood Borne Pathogen Kits and New York State Department of Health CPR Kits that ensure your always ready when accident strikes. Get quality, affordable first aid supplies for your Hudson Valley General Industry or Agriculture Operation today!

First Aid Supplies & Kits for the Hudson Valley & Kits for Long Island

CPR Kits, First Aid Kits & More

First Aid Supplies & Kits for the Hudson Valley

The Supplies You Can Count on in case of an Emergency

Are you prepared for an accident?
Here's some things you can do to be ready:
  • Make easy changes like installing First Aid Kits, CPR Kits, and Bloodborne Pathogen Kits, and keeping them properly accessible and stocked. Kits and replenishment supplies don't cost a lot!

  • Put policies in place detailing how injuries & illnesses are handled, including time off, when to call emergency responders, how to use equipment, etc…Put one person in charge of as the company go-to when an incident occurs.

  • Be prepared to handle any type of injury or illness at your facility!

  • Your ability to offer a Quick, Friendly, and Correct response will reduce the likelihood of a complaint to OSHA or an OSHA inspection as a result of a workplace injury report.

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